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Translates words or text fragments between numerous languages
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Uses Google translation engine to show you the meaning of your words, phrases or text fragments in a foreign language. Supports approximately 60 languages and works as a standalone application.

Google Translate Tool is an excellent tool for “quick and dirty” translations. Based on Google’s online translate service, this stand-alone application gives you the possibility of pasting any word or portion of text and having it translated into any other of the 58 languages supported in a snap. The process is automatic and fast, and the output quality will surely exceed your expectations. Yes, it is still a machine-based translator, but I must admit I was happily surprised to see how natural some of the translations looked, especially when it comes to full sentences and paragraphs.

Based on its online ancestor – Google Translate –, this stand-alone version of it follows the same patterns and provides the same functionality. Thus, the only difference between them is that with Google Translate Tool you will not need an Internet connection to enjoy it. It supports nearly all languages supported by the online version (58 versus 66), a list that covers all the “big languages” and many of those with a smaller number of speakers, with a good representation of double-byte and right-to-left languages.

If the “Instant translation” box is checked, the translated text will start appearing in its corresponding box as soon as you begin to type the source text. The program will make the necessary corrections on the fly, taking into account any new words you add to the text. However, if you copy and paste text into the source box, you will see the entire translation showing up almost immediately in the box below. Alternatively, you can uncheck the “Instant translation” box and trigger the translation process at will.

To sum up, though Google Translate Tool does not add any new functionality to that in its online sibling, it is a free tool worth having installed in your system to perform offline translations.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports up to 58 languages, including all the most widely used
  • A clean and clear interface allows for easy interaction
  • Fast translation process


  • The quality of the translation still offers room for improvement
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